DEB papers

This page presents a selection of papers on DEB theory and its applications, sorted by topic. See DEB library on Zotero for a full list. The papers include summaries of particular aspects of the theory, formal (axiom-based) and less formal (biology-based), introductions, sub- and supra-organismic levels and applications. Becoming a Zotero member is easy (and has no costs), which gives access to all PDFs.

A systematic account of the theory is given in the book DEB3 (Cambridge Univ Press, 3rd edition 2010). The notation document contains the rules for notation that are used, as well as the notation itself. The Comments to DEB3 is a collection of developments since 2010 and explanations of parts of the book. It is a document which changes frequently. The summary of concepts presents the meaning of the various concepts and their function in the theory. It has no formulae or biological observations and follows the section-structure of DEB3.

See also the DEB video collection.

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